Fashion Blogger Program

Wanna Be A Miss JB Babe? 

Do you have what it takes to be a #MissJB babe? Are you the OOTD Queen who can literally rock anything?!Do you have your own style that is admired by others?? If that’s you, we want you to join our Squad!

Our bloggers benefit from free products direct from our new product lines. 

1. How does this work?

We collaborate with Fashion Bloggers by sending free products and you post pictures of our products, and promotions on your social media networking accounts or forums, such as your personal blog, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. You can also join our affiliate program. Please check our Affiliate Program.

2. Miss JB Fashion Blogger Qualifications.

  • Established Bloggers
  • Female
  • Ages 17-35
  • Maintains online social media platforms, such as your personal blog, Instagram,Facebook and/or Youtube, etc.
  • Love blogging about your own style!
  • Must have at least 5,000 followers with one of your social networking platforms (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, tumblr etc).

Miss JB reserves the right to make the final decision.

3. Special Rules for Miss JB Fashion Bloggers.

  • All photos must be posted on your forum(s) within 14 days of receiving the items.
  • All posted photos and comments contain links to Miss JB's homepage (

4. How we use your information:

Miss JB reserves the right to collect photos and/or posts from your forum(s), and repost these pictures with our products on our various social media pages or display on our website. 

International Fashion Blogger Policy

Please note, if you are located outside of the United States, your country may assess an import fee or import tax to collect your package.  We are not responsible for that cost. Please contact the appropriate authority or tax office in your country for more information on import tax or custom fees, and how it applies to you.  

That's all! It's easy, right? If you are ready to join our program, please sign up below!

*Please include links to your social media handles